Is home exchange safe?

Is home exchange safe?This is the frequent question when I tell about my long journeys using the homeexchange service. I was also very suspicious at first, I thought that strangers could break objects or even steal in my house. But it never happened. Indeed, every time I regret I’m not so kind as those who host me in their beautiful homes. In recent years I have received gifts, unlimited food supplies, breakfast ready at home, cars to use during the stay, detailed and accurate written guides as only a local person can do, people who have accompanied us and made a guide dedicating their time and their courtesy. And much more.

I exchange my main house in Florence, where I usually live with my children. So while it is true that I am particularly careful in the choice of my guests, it is also true that they have always amazed me with the care of their homes, mine and their kindness.

My home in Florence

My last exchange dates back to a few months ago. I decided to go to the south of the United States and I had about three weeks available.

The houses in Texas are wonderful. Huge and many of them have the swimming pool. Americans love Europe and certainly do not expect that in our old and small cities the average size of a house is 600-700 square meters, as they do. After writing to many Texans, and selecting “Dallas” style town and villas, I won over the pleasantness of an Austin family with two small children. The villa, in a nice residential neighborhood was surrounded by nature. We have arranged a non-simultaneous exchange of 10 days, plus they left their car, without me leaving mine. They asked us to take care of their cat and my children cared it willingly. The house was even better than in photographs, this often happens. With 5 bedrooms, barbecue area and immense swimming pool. I loved neighborhood and the kindness of all the neighbors who came to show up the first day we arrived, providing support for any need. It seemed to live in the “Desperate Housewives” show in Wisteria Lane. But the real surprise was to find outside the door, in the garden, every morning, fawns and deer in search of food. Eleonora was crazy with joy!

After Texas, we continued with a 2 night break in New Orleans and then we stopped for 8 nights in Destin Florida. I was struck by this part of Florida because it is often compared to the Costa Smeralda. The American Emerald Coast. Compared to Sardinia for its verdant sea. We planned a home exchange with a couple of “young” retirees, who love to travel the world. They have organized more than 20 exchanges with homeexchange in past years.

The beach cottage is really magnificent, very spacious, with four large rooms, verandas and terraces. Very close to the beautiful white sand beach. Also this cottage has a swimming pool, condominium. But to tell the truth we almost never used it. The sea of Destin is far superior.

The Americans always have huge, very comfortable washer-dryers in their homes and an air-conditioning system that is truly unthinkable. I will miss them

After a week of sun and sea in Destin we travel to Atlanta in Georgia, which I fall in love with. A really interesting city. Full of exhibits and things to see. Surely we will be back. maybe with scambio casa.

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